Fun and Essential Cameras and Accessories

Hey Everyone! I've been asked a lot about some of my equipment and where I grab them. So I decided to create a blog page and randomly update it when I grab some cool stuff to take with me on adventures when I travel and take photos!

I've never blogged before, so be patient with me and hopefully I can help you guys get ideas on stuff that will help make your life easier as you take photos!

One of my first things I will mention is this light accessory from Lumecude that I got from Amazon:

<a target="_blank" href=";psc=1&_encoding=UTF8&tag=flipsh0t-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=de9c53e28144c34c4b17170573a8609c&camp=1789&creative=9325">Top Cameras And Accessories</a>

The best thing about this bad boy is that it has so many different colors to choose from so whether you want to emulate the sun at 3000k, mimic the colors of white LED lights inside buildings at 4300k, or do a neon color to match street signs/lights....this little guy can get you there! Lumecube also makes it easy by including an attachment to mount on top of your camera or a tripod so that way you can easily place it where you want it to be. With a USB-C charging port, it also uses the same charging cable as newer Androids, Apple Computers and iPads which makes it so much simpler to charge on the go.

The Pro is the larger of the available options which is why I got it since the light is one I wanted to use when I travel. It's slim enough to fit in normal pockets (feels like placing an iPhone in your pocket.

One caveat that I do run into is battery life. The Lumecube RBG Panel Pro does tell me that I have 2 hours of usage time when I first turn it on after a full charge. But that time does seam to rapidly change when the light is set on 100% brightness, which I do understand, but just make sure you have a battery to charge it with. Again, with the light being USB-C charging port compatible, having a cable and external battery is easy and simple to have around since I use the same cord for my phone and laptop.

So if you are looking for a small, simple, and portable option for lighting, I definitely recommend the Lumecube RGB Panel Pro! One thing I definitely want to do is grab a second in the future to help with portrait photographs and to even find my phone in the dark after a shoot because I, somehow, ALWAYS, seem to leave it somewhere!