I'm Jose.

I'm just a regular guy who started playing with a friend's camera for work events a few years back. I noticed I enjoyed taking photos and showcasing people at their best. Then three years ago, I started traveling to find myself but what I really found was a new passion to take photos!

I met two sets of amazing women in Thailand where we traveled the country and I got to capture all our adventures. Crazy enough, I was taking photos on a mobile phone and they turned out amazing. I traveled even more since then taking photos wherever I went, but the pandemic slowed that down. But, for every door closing, another opens....

Where one vacation turned into a life of new adventures.

With more time on my hands to think, I started to deliberate about what I could do to supplement my regular career while enjoying life. When I started to talk to my friends about photography, they all told me to take the leap without any hesitation!

So here I am, capturing photos for individuals and brands for so many different purposes whether it's for their social media, marketing for their brands, special events, weddings and more! I can't wait to help so many more people capture memories while making my own as I travel the world to capture its beauty.

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Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

These days social media has shown us that brands can be anything from corporations to small business to your own personal page to generate attraction pieces for engagement. Nothing is better than having amazing photos that tell a story before the caption does!

The Process

01. Connect

Each photo tells a story. Let's talk about how we can create something for you!

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

A photo is created with more than a moment. My idea of a photo is to emphasize on a combination of the subject and how they play to the environment around them. The preparation before the shot is key to making the story.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Bringing everything to life in every photo.

Contact us for more details.